• Ogólne właściwości

    c.pCOe is the I/O expansion card, built using with CAREL-proprietary microchip, that allows considerable flexibility in the configuration of the various pins, both as inputs (support for passive NTC, PTC, PT1000 probes, digital inputs and active voltage and current probes) and as outputs (0-10 V, PWM).

    The c.pCOe card is available in 2 versions: 

    • Basic version, with a total of 16 I/O channels available, 10 of which can be configured as analogue inputs or outputs, and 6 relays. 
    • Enhanced version, same I/O configuration as the basic version, with the addition of a built-in driver for managing a CAREL unipolar electronic expansion valve.
  • Więcej

    • DIN rail mounting (4 DIN)
    • 10 universal channels (inputs/outputs)
    • 6 relays 
    • 24 Vac/Vdc power supply
    • Integrated RS485 port
    • c.Suite and 1tool libraries for rapid integration
    • Built-in unipolar EXV driver (Enhanced version)
    • Ultracap module support (Enhanced version)



  • Rysunki 2D/3D
    Kod Opis Język Data * Wersja
    Kod 2d-3d cpCOe
    Opis 2D-3D drawings
    Język ALL 
    Data 01/12/2016
    Wersja R0
  • Instrukcje obsługi
    Kod Opis Język Data * Wersja
    Kod +0300057EN
    Opis c.pCO Programmable Controller
    Język ENG 
    Data 25/10/2020
    Wersja 1.4
  • Ulotki techniczne
    Kod Opis Język Data * Wersja
    Kod +0500059IE
    Opis P+E*: c.pCOe – Espansione controllo programmabile / Programmable controller expansion
    Język ENG  ITA 
    Data 12/07/2019
    Wersja 1.3
    Kod +0500059FR
    Opis P+E*: c.pCOe – Expansion commande programmable / Programmable controller expansion
    Język ENG  FRE 
    Data 12/07/2019
    Wersja 1.3