thTx - New

thTx - New
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    thTx is the new CAREL thermostat for controlling temperature and humidity in domestic or commercial environments, featuring a simple and intuitive user interface.
    It has an elegant and modern design, with a large LCD display that shows the current temperature, humidity (if available) and fan status (if configured).
    Capacitive buttons and simple, intuitive logic make it easy to use.
    The thTX includes a relay for enabling a boiler/valve, and a three-way relay for managing the fan at low, medium or high speed.
    thTx is available in models with 230V AC or 24V AC/DC power supply.
    The thermostat has its own built-in logic, but can also be fully controlled via the Modbus® communication protocol. This means that the settings, fan speed, modes and relay can be completely managed via a remote control system, whether a pCO/c.pCO or BOSS supervisor.
    The new room thermostat is also easy to install, thanks to the unique steel mounting plate.
    The new features and extreme simplicity make thTx the ideal candidate for replacing th-Tune and thT devices.

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    Capacitive keypad

    The new capacitive keypad ensures quick, simple and intuitive interaction. Confirming and changing the configuration are now even more precise than the previous generation with rotary encoder.

    Built-in temperature and humidity probe

    The values read can be shared with both the display and the connected controller. The dual probe offers the concrete advantage of having one single solution for the room terminal: one device, instead of two, can be used to manage the operation of both instruments.

    Easy to use and install

    The mounting plate makes installation simple and intuitive, while interaction with the settings is also simplified.

    Simple and remote logic

    thTx can be configured in stand-alone mode as a room thermostat, where the logic is completely managed by the terminal, or can be connected to an RS485 Modbus® serial network, with the logic managed by pCO/c.pCO programmable controllers.

    Dedicated fan management

    The three-way relay can manage a dedicated fan with three different speeds (low, medium or high), in addition to automatic mode and fan stop.




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    Opis Electronic controller for air conditioning - User manual
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    Opis thTx - Room terminal for temperature and humidity control
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    Opis thTx - Terminale ambiente per il controllo di temperatura e umidità
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    Opis CAREL thTx - room terminal
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